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Scimitar was my first 'big' boat. I had previously owned an Albacore dinghy but a growing family meant it was quite hard to sail with 3 young kids!
I bought Scimitar from the river Orwell in 2009 where I think she had spent most of her life.
She had a very good survey but a long list of advisories.

Now based in Langstone harbour I sail her all year round on the Solent. We have had many family trips to Bembridge and Chichester harbour and I have made lots of trips all along the Solent as far as Poole.

Below are pictures of some of the work that has been undertaken since I've owned her.

Crusaders seem to have a excessive amount of weather helm (at least mine did). Last year I moved the mast about a foot further forward in an attempt to balance the boat better. She is now beautifully balanced and with new sails and a feathering propeller the old girl has never gone so fast!
The building of this rudder was featured in watercraft magazine. Click here to read it.
The bottom of the mast had gone a bit soft so we scarfed in a new piece.
Repairing a bit of rot around the seacocks.
New sails 2013
Drying out on the piles for a clean bottom.
A beutiful new rudder made by Peter Crowe. Shame I had to stick it in the water!
Preparation for a topside repaint.
Trip to Bembridge
Scimitar was one of three Crusaders built for a charter company based in Yarmouth.
She is in very good condition and is sailed all year round in the Solent.
Onboard video of Scimitar sailing in the Solent.