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The boats
Current boats

Boat name: Blythe Crusader
Sail Number: 7
Build date: 1960
Owner: Gerry Barron-Pot
Current location: River Hamble.
Boat name: Barley Picle
Sail Number: 3
Build date: 1960
Owner: Terence Dunn
Current location: Tollesbury (East coast)
Last updated September 2013
Last updated October 2013
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Last updated November 2014
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Boat name: Scimitar
Sail Number: 18
Build date: 1961
Owner: James Clabon
Current location: Langstone harbour Portsmouth, Hampshire
Last updated July 2014
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Boat name: Ellie May
Sail Number: 19
Build date: 1961
Owner: Mike
Current location: South of France
Boat name:Pentoma
Sail Number: 29
Build date: 1962
Owner: Steve and Linsay Ferrar
Current location: R. Deben at Felixstowe Ferry
Last updated August 2014

Boat name: Saracen of Wight
Sail Number: 5
Build date: 1960
Owner: Richard Stead
Current location: Dartmouth
Last updated March 2014
More information on Saracen here.
Boat name:Verian (Veryan of Wight)
Sail Number: 44
Build date: 1962
Current location:
Last updated Febuary 2014

Last updated September 2014
Boat name: Saladin of Wight
Sail Number: 21
Build date: 1962
Owner: Lara Muth
Current location: London
Last updated August 2014
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Boat name: L' Akatao (Plipp II)
Sail Number: 22
Build date: 1962
Owner: Le Gatt C
Current location: Seine Bay Le Harve.

Boat name: Naima of Greenwich
Sail Number: Unkown
Build date: 1961
Owner: Simon & Jo Wooding
Current location: Greenwich Yacht Club, London.
Last updated November 2014
More information on Naima here.