The boats
Current boats
I bought this boat in late 2003 when I moved over here from Italy. I always wanted a boat, but did not achieve my sailing master until 1999 on the lake Maggiore in Italy.
When I moved over here I spotted this boat for sale and attracted by the low price and many other things I decided to buy it.
It was in bad condition, no engine, no cockpit, no deck outside the boat, rotten keel bolts and a good few pieces missing.
The boat went through a full refurbish despite my young family and other commitments.
I managed to complete the restoration and put her back in the water in 2010.
In 2011 I had the opportunity to visit Anglesey island by keeping my boat moored in the Menay Strait during summer time.
Unfortunately my situation was changing. It is currently out of water looking for a new owner as my separation has forced me to sell it.
It has been a pleasure to restore my boat as it became a labour of love, I would happily carry on working through the evenings or especially weekends.
Thanks for reading Alex